Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Welcome to Nearsighted Comics! This is a single panel strip that I've been working on for a couple of months that I thought I would give a home to. I'm not sure how frequently I will be updating, but I expect that it will be more often than once a week.

Please enjoy... feedback is welcome!


  1. Awesome Rick!! Now we can share them easily with friends! I am trying to set it up to email me when you post new ones... I don't know if I succeeded.
    Sheesh, now I have the theme song from Laverne and Shirley in my head... "...make all our dreams come true..." 'cause you said you wanted to do an online comic but didn't have time.
    Tell Sue "Happy Birthday" tomorrow!

  2. Let me know if you figure it out! Now that I've got a group on Facebook (that you have joined, thank you very much), you should be getting a message when I post a new one. My plan at this point is to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday... so far so good.

    You should drop Sue a line with a Birthday greeting... I'm sure she'd appreciate it!